Songs from across the globe

Songs from across the globe

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New for 2016, the following 3 songs give a taste of the wide range of songs sung by the choir.

Akanamandla (South Africa)
Down In The River (Appalacachian gospel)
Ke Arona (South Africa)

  • Hana 'ava babanot 630KB

    A traditional Hebrew love song often sung at weddings. Arr: Liz Underhill.
    Performed at the Arts Centre, Stamford in 2011.

    Most beautiful of maidens
    Lift your face to me, lift your face to me
    Come, beloved, for you are most fair
    And have delighted me
    Give me your hand and embrace me –
    Strengthen me again and again

  • Ayamicasa 500KB

    a work song from South Africa urging blacks and whites to work side by side.
    Performed at the Arts Centre, Stamford in 2011.

  • Zalib ih si edno libe 701KB

    Trad Bulgarian arranged by Ivan Tonchev.
    Performed at Barn Hill, Stamford in 2010.

    Mother I am in love.
    Olive eyed and slender as a poplar tree,
    throughout the night I dream of her.

  • The holly and the ivy. 778KB

    Medieval carol set to a French dance tune, arranged by Ali Birns.
    Performed at Barn Hill, Stamford in 2010.

  • Akanamandla (S. Africa) 232KB

    Zulu freedom/ church song about Satan!

  • Coalblack Smith (England) 199KB

    Traditional English folk song arranged for choir by Chris Rowbury.

  • Hush, hush, somebody’s calling my name (spiritual) 268KB

    Traditional spiritual. This arrangement is from the New Century Hymnal.

  • Gazapkhuli (Rep. of Georgia) 248KB

    A rare chance for the blokes in the choir to sing together! This is a modern urban song from Georgia about the Spring.

    Spring has come to make us happy and intoxicated. Like a diamond it is good.

  • More sokol pie (Macedonia) 254KB

    Dessi Stefanova’s arrangement of a Macedonian song about the freedom fighter Jane Sandanski.

    The falcon drinks water from the Vardar.
    Oh Jana, white-throated Jana.
    O falcon, hero’s bird,
    Have you not seen a hero go past?
    A hero go past with nine angry wounds?
    Nine angry wounds, all from bullets,
    and a tenth wound, stabbed with a knife.

  • Pokarekare ana (New Zealand) 264KB

    Famous New Zealand Maori love song originally written in 1912 as a bid to win the heart of Paraire Henare Tomoana’s beloved, Kuini Ripeka Ryland. Paraire had fallen in love with Kuini but her family refused to give their blessing to a marriage between the two. A lovelorn Paraire composed Pokarekare Ana in which he vowed his eternal love. He declared this passion by singing Pokarekare Ana at Te Poho-o-Rawiri Marae to Kuini in front of her Ngati Porou elders. The family was won over by his convincing performance and granted him their daughter’s hand.

  • Iqude (Traditional Zulu) arranged by Gitika Partington.

    A morning song for the women to start the jobs of the day "The cock crows twice, three times and there is no water. The day has dawned, O mother and there is no water"

  • Lover of the Lord

    Gospel bluegrass song by Doyle Lawson.