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Woven Chords is a mixed choir from Stamford who sing unaccompanied harmony songs from across the globe. Celebrating the richness and variety of the human voice, Woven Chordsacappella singing gives expression to sumptuous harmonies from many different cultural traditions.

We are a very friendly and informal choir, open to anyone over 16 years of age, men and women. We do not hold auditions and no previous experience or the need to read music is necessary as all songs are taught by ear. If you can speak - then you can sing! The emphasis is on having fun singing together.

The choir meets each Thursday at the Stamford Arts Centre. At the end of each term a concert is performed to provide the choir with an opportunity to share the songs and the enjoyment!

Our next event is the Summer Concert on 11th July 2015.

See Future Concerts and Events page for details.

Term dates: 16th April – 9th July 2015 (12 weeks), half term (no session) 28th May.

Thursday's at 7:30 - 9:30pm

End of term pic-nic, Thurs 24th July 2014

End of term pic-nic on Stamford meadows. After an amazing feast in glorious evening sunlight, any passers-by on the meadows were treated to some ad hoc singing by all those there. A great way to end the term!

Picnic Picnic

Summer Concert at Langham Church, Saturday 12th July 2014

Summer Concert

A lovely summer evening, a beautiful church, an energetic and enthusiastic choir, a responsive and appreciative audience – all added up to a great evening!

Woven Chords gave of its best and gave its services free enabling Langham Church to make nearly £600 for their church maintenance fund raising campaign. Debbie and Hilary and their team from the church provided some delicious interval refreshments.

A good time was had by all and the choir enjoyed an opportunity to socialise afterwards at the village pub.

Summer Concert
The smallest choir for some time - it's called the summer holiday effect!
Summer Concert
Only 6 basses - but they sounded like many more!
Summer Concert
Some of the tops giving it their all

Easter Concert in the Ballroom, Stamford Arts Centre, 13th April 2014

Easter Concert

A response from Sue Archer (alto) who is convalescing and so was able to be in the audience for a change:

“I was so pleased to attend the concert on 13th April in the Ballroom. It was very strange to be in the audience rather than on stage though I couldn't help singing along to most of the songs!  All the songs chosen by Liz sounded amazing. The balance of the four parts, the tone and the notes were all superb.  I really liked the Japanese song when everyone was standing in a circle around the audience - it sounded fantastic! The African set was particularly moving, made all the more special by Richard's amazing drumming, but what made the concert so great was the sheer confidence, exuberance and enthusiasm you all showed both with the singing and movement.  You looked like you were having a ball!  I came away feeling completely uplifted - and with a raffle prize too! - so all in all it was a really great evening. Thanks to everyone in Woven Chords for a very special concert and I look forward to being back singing with you very soon.”

A message from Marion (alto) who was also in the audience:

As you know, for the first time, on 13 April just gone, I was in the audience listening to Woven Chords, rather than on stage singing with everyone. And WOW.  I was just stunned at how good the choir is! I know it sounds odd, but I’ve never heard the choir Live before and I had no idea that it was SO AMAZING.
The choir looks so happy on stage and the group self-confidence allows you all to give so much to the music. The concert was all about rhythm and joy, and about working as one.
Outstanding. Well done all. You were great!
Very best wishes from Marion (Alto) -  the latest Woven Chords TOTAL FAN!

Easter Concert Easter Concert

Community Choirs Festival, 29th March 2014

CCF Performing to 500 other singers.

On Saturday, 29th March, sixty-five representatives from Woven Chords and Global Harmony joined forces and travelled to Stratford upon Avon to take part in the annual Community Choirs Festival.... a celebration of a cappella singing. Over 500 enthusiastic singers from all over the country came together to share their enthusiasm for and joy of singing, to socialise and perform. Choirs of all types and sizes from far and wide....Yorkshire, Hampshire, Wales, London and many locations in-between gathered with great excitement and anticipation of what the day had in store.

The event was lead by four well known and experienced choir leaders each taking charge of a group of singers teaching the various harmonies until the four parts came together in a crescendo of wonderful singing. Two songs in the morning session and two songs in the afternoon were taught from scratch and the result was absolutely astounding even to the veteran singers in the hall.

At lunchtime choirs were invited to busk and in glorious sunshine Liz took the opportunity to lead us in a couple of our favourite African songs in front of a very appreciative audience.

The day culminated in a concert of songs from all the choirs who had participated in the day. It was truly incredible to share in every choir’s story....groups like Gridtones who had come together in the work place (National Grid Birmingham) inspired by Gareth Malone, others who had begun in ‘singing for the terrified’ groups and had grown in confidence to join this event and perform for the first time and those from small communities who meet for the friendship and pleasure of making music together.

At the end of the day a few members of Woven Chords who were able to stay over and enjoy an early evening supper together spontaneously ‘flash mobbed’ a version of Tulli Tulli to the bemusement of some customers but then at the request of another we rounded off the evening with a rendition of Fa’afetai.....a happy end to a thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying day! Can’t wait for the next one!

Brenda Smith, a tenor with Woven Chords.


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